Emergency Room in Katy, Tx

When you are in an emergency, the last things you want are long drives and long wait lines. RapidCare Emergency Room, your trusted neighborhood Emergency Care facility in Katy, Texas brings first-class emergency care services close to you.



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Whether you’re coming in for a simple test or for a life-threatening emergency, our board-certified physicians and experienced nurses are ready to help you with your medical needs.

RapidCare Emergency Room is a trusted and accredited emergency medical facility in Katy Texas. We are also located in Sugar Land and La Porte.

On-site Laboratory and Pharmacy

RapidCare Emergency Room has an on-site laboratory and pharmacy so you don’t have to wait for hours to get treated or tested.

Our on-site laboratory at RapidCare Emergency Room houses an array of state-of-the-art equipment and machines for different kinds of medical tests. The availability of a variety of machines speeds up the testing process so you can get your results and recommended treatment plan right away.

Accessible Emergency Room in Katy, Texas

You don’t have to go far for premium emergency care services. When in an emergency, you want to prioritize time and immediate care. RapidCare Emergency Room brings the emergency medical care close to you.

Besides RapidCare Emergency Care in Katy, Texas, we are also located in Sugar Land and La Porte.

24/7 First-Class and Personalized Emergency Care.

Emergencies can happen anytime, anywhere, so RapidCare Emergency Room’s doors are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, including the holidays. Whether it’s for a simple test or for emergency care, our team of experienced medical personnel and board-certified physicians will attend to you right away.

We’re not just a simple medical facility. RapidCare ER in Katy prioritizes quality medical attention, no matter the age or medical concern. To meet our patients’ needs, we provide you with personalized treatment plans.

RapidCare Emergency Room – Katy, Texas

RapidCare Emergency Room in Katy is conveniently located along Mason Road that passes through all of Katy. Our accessibility makes it easy for patients from surrounding neighborhoods to locate.

We care about our patients, so RapidCare Emergency Room in Katy is all about premium, high-quality and fast medical service.

At RapidCare Emergency Room, there are no wait times and no appointments needed. Our board-certified physicians and experienced medical personnel are trained to attend to your medical emergencies immediately, from Mondays to Sundays, including holidays.

If you want premium, concierge, high quality service in the Katy area, drive to RapidCare Emergency Room in Katy or contact us for more information..

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