Covid-19 Care


Comprehensive COVID-19 Care for the Whole Family – Open 24/7

Do you have symptoms or been exposed?

  • Call our ER for immediate Covid-19 testing
  • Rapid Results (PCR/Antigen) within minutes provided
  • Home and work recommendations by our board-certified doctors before discharge
  • Prescriptions and work notes given prior to discharge

No symptoms, exposed or not exposed

  • Call our ER immediately for Covid-19 testing
  • Screening with PCR or Antigen test
  • Recommendations provided by our board-certified doctors depending on results
  • Ongoing self-protection counseling

Protecting Texas Families

COVID-19 PCR/Antigen testing available 24/7

  • All Deductibles Waived
  • All Co-Pays Waived
  • All Co-Insurance Waived
  • Cash/Credit Card Payments Accepted.

Covid Tests Provided

  • COVID-19 PCR Test
  • Test Results In Minutes!
COVID-19 Monoclonal

Effective Treatments for  COVID-19

RapidCare is currently offering COVID-19 treatment and infusions for COVID-19-positive patients. Studies have shown that receiving a treatment to limit the amount of virus in the system, improves symptoms and reduces the need for hospitalizations.

If you test positive for COVID-19, whether in our facility or elsewhere, please come to your nearest RapidCare Emergency Room.

Groups at Higher Risk for Severe COVID-19 Symptoms

  • Age.  Adults age 65 and older
  • Underlying medical conditions (respiratory, cardiovascular, diabetes, obesity, immunosuppression, cancer)
  • Pregnancy
  • Smoking
  • Vaccine status (unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated)

Other medical conditions or factors (for example, race or ethnicity) may also place individual patients at high risk for progression to severe COVID-19 under the EUA is not limited to the medical conditions of factors listed above. Healthcare providers should consider the benefit-risk for an individual patient.

Covid-19 Business Testing

RapidCare Emergency Room is committed to getting your employees back to work, keep your business thriving and provide safe environment for all your workers.

  • We Can Test Your Employees Weekly
  • We Can Provide Pre-Employment Testing
  • We Can Provide Same Day Testing And Results For Any
  • Employees With Symptoms Or Exposure To Covid-19
  • We Can Test Your Company At A Negotiated Rate
  • CNN/Johns Hopkins daily COVID-19 COUNTS
Covid-19 Business Testing