No Surprise Medical Bills from Us!


Never Worry About Surprise Medical Bill Every Again

The biggest fear for many patients who need emergency care is the prospect of receiving a surprise medical bill or balance bill afterward.

Thanks to the No Surprises Act, which went into effect on January 2022, you no longer have to worry about receiving a surprise medical bill.

What Are Surprise Bills?

Most surprise bills happened because you needed emergency care and visited a healthcare provider that was not part of your insurer’s network. However, even if you did go to an ER within your network, you could still receive a surprise bill if an out-of-network doctor unexpectedly treated you.

Out-of-network refers to any healthcare provider or a facility, such as an emergency room or specialty doctor, that hasn’t signed a service contract with your insurance provider. Because of this, the amount they charge for a service may differ from the one your insurance plan allows.

In the past, when insurance companies denied coverage or underpaid for emergency medical services you received, the provider could bill you for the difference directly. This is what we know as balance billing or surprise medical bills.

Thankfully, that is no longer the case.

How the Law Protects Patients

The No Surprise Act effectively removed patients from billing disputes between health insurance providers and healthcare providers. Instead, healthcare providers and insurance companies must negotiate the outstanding balance without involving the patient.

For example, suppose you need emergency medical services and visit an out-of-network provider. In that case, you will be billed the same way as if you had gone to an in-network facility; you won’t have to pay more for the services. This billing structure also applies to any medical service you receive after doctors stabilize you.

Additionally, Texas insurance law states that patients cannot receive a balance bill for any of the following circumstances

  • Medical emergencies
  • When the patient doesn’t have a choice of doctors for medical services
  • Air ambulance services

Protect Your Rights as a Patient

Although you will never receive a surprise bill from us, you still need to be vigilant and protect your rights as a patient.

  • Always ask for a detailed invoice – this will help you check for duplicate charges or services you did not receive or errors in coding, which may increase your bill
  • Contact Patient Advocate – If you have any doubts regarding your invoice or feel you were overcharged for a service, make sure to contact the patient advocate at your treating facility, they can answer any questions and deal with your insurance company to ensure you always receive the maximum benefits allowed by your plan

At Rapid Care, we always go above and beyond to advocate for patients’ rights to top-rated emergency medical care. We will be here to care for you and your loved ones when you need us.