Insurance Information


RapidCare Emergency Room is always working in your best interest from the moment you arrive at our ER to your billing and insurance process. We will handle everything for you with no hassle.

We accept all private insurances and Tricare.

We do not accept Medicaid. 

**By Law, ALL insurance companies must process your emergency room visit as IN-NETWORK.,



  • This Facility Is A Licensed Freestanding Emergency Medical Care Facility.
  • This Facility Charges Rates Comparable To A Hospital Emergency Room And May Charge A Facility Fee.
  • The Facility Or Physician Providing Medical Care At The Facility May Be An Out-Of-Network Provider For The Patient’s Health Benefit Plan Provider Network.
  • The Physician Providing Medical Care At This Facility May Bill Separately From The Facility For The Medical Care Provided To A Patient.
  • This Facility Is An Out-Of-Network Provider For All Health Benefit Plans.

Medicare Coverage for your local FEC is Expiring

The government declared on January 30 that PHE (Public Health Emergency) would be discontinued as of May 11, 2023. Our emergency services will no longer be covered by Medicare.

What does it mean for our Medicare patients? The PHE authorized private emergency

facilities to treat Medicare patients due to the high need for emergency treatment during the pandemic. It meant that Medicare recipients could go to any hospital emergency room for treatment.

Rapid Care Emergency Room will carry on with our services. We will continue to provide emergency care for our Medicare population while welcoming private insurance plans and providing discounted pricing options.

The Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act (EMTALA) ensures your safety by mandating that you receive a health screening if you present yourself to an emergency facility and specifically request one. Furthermore, EMTALA ensures that emergency departments will not turn away people who have a medical emergency.


Rapid Care Emergency Room wants to extend Medicare benefits to FECs permanently. Our Medicare recipients deserve equal access to high-quality emergency care. The Emergency Care Improvement Act (H.R. 1694) is a bipartisan legislation that would update the existing statute and allow Medicare beneficiaries to keep their coverage.

Legislators like to hear from their constituents when policy issues are being considered. If you, a family member, or a friend have Medicare, we urge you to contact your US House Representative and ask them to support the Emergency Care Improvement Act (H.R. 1694). Hearing from voters helps lawmakers understand what issues are relevant to voters. This is an opportunity for you to help shape policy decisions and share what is important with your legislator.

When contacting your state representative, please keep in mind the following:

  1. You may call, email, or mail your state
  2. Include your name, tell them you are a constituent in their district, and reference the legislation you support – Emergency Care Improvement Act (HR 1694).
  3. State whether you are a family member, friend, or Medicare
  4. Share positive experiences related to Exceptional Emergency Center and explain why it is important for Medicare beneficiaries to have equal access to emergency
  5. Ask your representative to support this legislation and make Medicare benefits permanent at FECs.

If you are unsure of your US House Representative, you may use this link: Find Your Members in the U.S. Congress | | Library of Congress

Please make your voice heard and advocate for this significate healthcare policy initiative!