Texas Law Covers Traffic Accidents to the ER


Texas Law Covers Traffic Accidents to the ER

Been In A Car Accident? Don’t Worry; Texas Law Covers You

While nobody wants to be a victim of a traffic accident, they happen no matter how careful we try to be on the road. Fortunately, Texas law guarantees all car crash victims access to emergency medical care, regardless of their insurance plan.

Traffic Accidents by the Numbers

The most recent report by The Texas Department of Transportation shows the alarming statistics of vehicle accidents in our state. Here are some of the most relevant figures:

  • One person dies every hour and fifty-seven minutes
  • One person suffers a traffic-related injury every 2 minutes and 12 seconds
  • Every 57 seconds, authorities receive a car crash report
  • 239,539 persons are injured in motor vehicle crashes
  • Of those, 19.448 sustained severe injuries

Although these numbers are staggering and worrisome, the silver lining is that the law guarantees you access to quality emergency care should you become a victim in a traffic accident.

Texas Law Covers Traffic Accidents to the ER

The Law is On Your Side

Both federal and state laws guarantee your right to emergency medical services at any ER facility after a vehicle accident.

This means that you can receive treatment at any Emergency Room facility that can provide it, regardless of whether the ER is part of your insurance network.

Additionally, insurance companies are obligated to provide the same emergency coverage benefits they provide at in-network facilities when you visit an ER outside of your network. Therefore, they cannot bill you more for being treated at out-of-network ER.

Texas Law Covers Traffic Accidents to the ER

You Don’t Need Approval from Your Insurance Provider During a Medical Emergency

In the past, insurance companies required you to ask for approval to receive care at an out-of-network facility. This is no longer the case when dealing with medical emergencies, including those resulting from a traffic accident.

What Constitutes a Medical Emergency?

State and federal authorities define a medical emergency as any illness, symptom, injury, or situation severe enough that a reasonable person would deem it necessary to seek care immediately to avoid serious or long-term harm.

If you suffer a traffic accident, it’s vital that you go to the nearest ER, even if you feel fine or have no visible trauma. This is because you may have internal injuries that only medical tests can diagnose. Also, remember that you do not need to call your insurance company before visiting the ER.

Texas Law Covers Traffic Accidents to the ER

Your Insurance Company Cannot Penalize You For Visiting the ER

Another thing the law protects is your wallet. The new law prohibits insurance providers from denying, limiting, or overcharging you for the contracted emergency benefits in your plan for services provided by an out-of-network ER facility.

If your insurance company denies you coverage or charges you more for emergency services provided by an emergency room outside their network, please know you are entitled to appeal the charges. The ER’s Patient Advocate can help you submit the appeals claim.

Don’t Delay Your Visit To the ER

If you are ever in a traffic accident, please don’t wait to visit the ER for a thorough medical evaluation. Doing so can help you avoid possible complications and even save your life.

Additionally, the more you wait to visit the ER, the more likely your insurance company is to deny you coverage citing that the injuries are not a result of the accident.

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